Tapering jeans sewing on a Union Special 35800 feed-off-the-arm machinen

The Union Special, it’s like a plane, it flies itself!

Don't (or you can't) try this at home. Leave tapering jeans to the pros with the proper equipment and expertise.

After tapering a pair of jeans with an overlocked inseam, Isreal the production manager, and tapering expert at WGC shows off his sewing skills, single-needle topstitching the inseam just 1/8-inch from the seam edge with his eyes closed. To quote Isreal, working on the Union Special feed off the arm machine “It’s like a plane, it flies itself!”

*”Our Secret Trick for Sewing a Perfect Inseam – with Eyes Closed!” (Union Special 35800 Feed-Off-The-Arm)*


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