The Crisp Pilz, in a 12-ounce can from Sixpoint Brewery, stands out against a blue backdrop. The can features the Sixpoint Brewery logo at the top, followed by "The Crisp" in large blue letters and "Pilz" in smaller white letters inside a black boxed background.

The Crisp Pilz: Sixpoint Brewery’s Bold Pilsner Reviewed

Exploring the Bold Flavors of Sixpoint Brewery’s The Crisp Pilz

The Crisp Pilz by Sixpoint Brewery isn’t your typical light and refreshing pilsner. This brew is crafted for those who appreciate a full-bodied taste experience. It finishes with a dry, mildly bitter bite, making it a non-traditional pilsner that appeals to those who enjoy a hoppy edge. If you’re looking for a pilsner with character and a bit of a punch, The Crisp Pilz is worth a try.

  • Style: German Pilsner
  • ABV: 5.4 %
  • IBUs: 44
  • Brewer: Sixpoint Brewery, Brooklyn, New York-based craft brewery
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