A bottle of Shiner Strawberry Blonde beer for review in a icy mason jar with frozen watermelon juice at the bottom
Shiner Strawberry Blonde with frozen watermelon juice

Shiner Strawberry Blonde Watermelon Recipe & Review

An invigorating light-bodied full-flavored fruity beer, made better with watermelon, or other fruit juices.

Shiner Strawberry Blonde is a crisp, pleasantly sweet beer without the bitter aftertaste that I’ve found in other fruit-flavored beers. It’s my thirst-quenching go-to beer.

How to make a Shiner Strawberry Blonde icy watermelon beer recipe with Wonder Melon juice
Use Shiner Strawberry Blonde beer, jar or glass, and watermelon juice to make a great summer drink.

My brother-in-law likes to drink his beers warm, as-in room temperature. He only refrigerates beers if he expects beer-drinking guests over. I’m the opposite. I like my beers cold. As cold as possible. I like to put them in the freezer until they are so cold, that they freeze up as I pour them into a frosted glass.

If you are like me and enjoy a beer with a little fruit flavor, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite tasty beers, along with a little thing I like to do to enhance the fruitiness and temperature.

I first discovered this beer around 2016 while running around Los Angeles, making jeans. Always on the hunt for new beers, the name sounded enticing. Without remembering the brewer’s name, only the package design and words Strawberry Blonde, I bought six-pack after six-pack until heading back to New York.

A few weeks later, I had a craving for that strawberry beer I discovered in LA. Checking the beer selections every time I walked into a new store, it took months before I discovered a retailer. The thing was, this retailer was in lower Manhattan, and I lived in Brooklyn. This meant I had to load up whenever I passed by the area. Eventually, that store ran out, and I wouldn’t come across Shiner’s Strawberry Blonde until several years later.

Recently, while shopping at one of my nearby grocery stores, I spotted a sale on six-packs for a little less than $8. I nearly bought the market out, leaving about two six-packs for other shoppers to discover. With over a hundred strawberry beers around, it gave me time to experiment with different fruit combinations to enhance the flavor.

Find a glass with a strong base that can take the expansion of liquid freezing, and fill it about 20-25% with watermelon juice. Pour in a cold beer (the colder the better). The juice will keep the beer cold while slowly releasing a little added watermelon flavor into the beer, reaching its flavorful peak as you finish the last few swallows.

I usually keep two glasses frozen because I usually have about two beers with dinner. By the time I finish the first beer, only a core of frozen juice at the bottom of the glass. Fill the glass with more juice and place it in the freezer. The still frozen core will help the added juice freeze faster but grab your second glass for your next bottle of beer.

I’ll admit, I like drinking Wonder Melon juice by itself, but it’s not the best juice to “ice” with beer because it has secondary flavors added. A more commonly available cold pressed juice and better tasting option would be WTRMLN WTR.

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