A 1-pint can of Moor's Brewing Company Pilsner beer with a black man featured on the can for a tasting review in the beer blog Denim BMC.

A Tasty Review of the Moor’s Brewing Company’s Pilsner

Discover the Essence of Moor’s Brewing Company's Pilsner

The striking black face on Moor’s Brewing Company’s Pilsner instantly drew me in as I perused the stacked six-packs at my local Whole Foods. Curiosity piqued, and I couldn’t resist sampling a brew from this black-owned brewery. Though not a rarity in today’s world, it was my inaugural encounter, and as a seasoned beer enthusiast, I’ve sampled my fair share.

Founded by Damon Patton, Jamhal Johnson, and Anthony Bell, all hailing from Chicago’s South Side, Moor’s Brewing Company represents a rich local legacy. Upon first whiff, it’s evident: this is no ordinary brew. The aroma is a delightful bouquet of florals and fruits, enticing me to savor the scent before even taking a sip.

In terms of taste, Moor’s Brewing Company’s Pilsner leans more toward flavor than sheer refreshment, boasting a slightly cloudy hue and its own distinct flavor profile. With a touch more bitterness than your typical American Pilsner, it forgoes the crisp finish for a more robust palate. Yet, far from a flaw, this characteristic is par for the course in many craft pilsners.

And did I mention the aroma? It bears repeating—this beer smells absolutely divine. After just one glass, it’s clear: this Pilsner packs a punch. Moor’s Pilsner is a sleeper hit, its unique flavor growing more appealing with each sip. It’s the kind of brew that lingers on the palate, leaving you yearning for more. Without a doubt, it’s earned a spot on my list of must-have brews.

  • Style: German-style Pilsner
  • ABV: 6 %
  • IBUs: 30
  • Brewer: Moor’s Brewing Company, Chicago, Illinois-based, independent black-owned craft brewery
From left to right, a photo of Jamhal Johnson, Damon Patton, and Anthony Bell pose with a can of Moor's Brewing Company. The image links to a story titled: Moors Brewing Success and Pioneering the Path as a Black-owned Brewery, on the Making A Brand website.
From left to right, Jamhal Johnson, Damon Patton, and Anthony Bell, owners of Moor’s Brewing Company.

After tasting Moor’s Brewing Company’s Pilsner, you’ll have a greater respect for the craft and innovation that goes into their brews. You can learn more about their narrative and the pioneering path of their black-owned brewery by reading about them on Makingabrand.co, which I also wrote. Click on the image above to learn about Moor’s Brewing’s rich history and commitment to diversity in the craft beer business. Cheers to discovery, knowledge, and excellence!

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